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Our mission at NiNi is to solve many of the everyday problems facing parents of young children. As parents ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of durable, functional, and quality products, especially when it comes to what we value most – our children. We’re very proud of our first product, the award winning Toy Bungee™. We have since introduced two new additional products; Paci Bungee™ and Crayon Bungee™. And several new products are under development, so please check back soon and often. We love to hear from you through the contact feature!

Visit us at ABC Kids Expo September 23-26, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky, booth 1150



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Did you know?

Which has more germs, a store floor
or a sandbox? According to a recent
study by NSF International Swab
Testing, the following number of CFUs
were detected on these items or in
these places (lowest being fewest).....